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The 2019 #WorkersGameJam was included in a special issue - a joint collaboration between Notes from Below and Game Workers Unite (UK).

You can read the editorial for the issue here.

It included the following games:

  1. Momentum by Dan C. Parkes
  2. A Worker’s Guide to Espionage by Colestia
  3. Lunch Break by Good Praxis
  4. Stachka by authornoai
  5. Comrades Collected by Lydia Hughes
  6. A Workers’ Inquiry Game by Jamie Woodcock
  7. Getting Over Work by perebite

As well as the accompanying pieces:

  1. An Interview with Colestia
  2. An Interview with Pixel Pushers Union 512
  3. A Critique of Political Video Games by Marijam Didžgalvytė
  4. An Excerpt from Marx at the Arcade by Jamie Woodcock