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About Workers Game Jam

The Workers Game Jam is a collaboration between Game Workers Unite UK and Notes From Below.

This year’s game jam is taking place in a very different context to last. With many of us in isolation, we thought that it could provide an opportunity to think through and experiment with ideas about work. Therefore, this year we have decided the focus of the game jam will be on “collective action”.

Collective action in the workplace can, and has, been used to achieve many things for workers. Whether organising a strike, demanding fairer or safer working conditions, negotiating wages, taking action against rounds of redundancies, or even getting a coffee machine installed, it takes organised pressure to achieve these aims. Outside of the workplace, it’s often collective action on the part of activists, protestors, groups, and organisations that has achieved important victories.

You can find play examples of last year’s jam here - in case you want some inspiration.

You can also join our Discord server for the jam here.

Even in isolation, we invite you to explore the theme of collective action and what it might mean to you and others.

We welcome submissions in any format, from traditional games to experiments, submitted as individuals (or, given the theme) as collective groups.

We launched the game jam on International Workers’ Day: Friday 1st May 2020. We don’t want to encourage crunch or overwork, so the game jam runs until Friday 24th of July 2020.